Profitable Frozen Food Business Opportunity in 2022

How to Start a Frozen Food Business

Frozen Food Business Ideas / Opportunity

how profitable is the Frozen Food Business: The frozen food business is one of the business fields that turns out to be growing over time. One of the reasons is because people are increasingly wanting everything practical, including in terms of food selection.

The term frozen food is already familiar. Frozen food or frozen food is food that is frozen to preserve food until it is ready to be eaten. The purpose of this freezing process is to slow down the decomposition by converting the water content into ice and inhibiting the growth of most bacterial species.

There are two types of food freezing processes, namely mechanical and cryogenic. Fast freezing can cause the particles in the food to freeze and form tiny ice particles. While slow freezing will make the ice particles large so that it spoils the texture of the inside of the food.

Frozen food is indeed not a new product for people who are familiar with several foods such as nuggets or sausages which are usually marketed and stored frozen before consumption. However, the variety of frozen food types is now present not only as a simple menu but also as a menu that we usually find in restaurants.

This is what finally makes the frozen food business opportunity wide open and is considered capable of bringing big profits if managed properly. The proliferation of home-based frozen food businesses is proof that this business cannot be underestimated.

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The Frozen Food Business Profitable Opportunity

In a practical era like today, the frozen food business provides solutions for people’s daily consumption needs. The ease of processing frozen food makes the demand for this product continue to increase, thus opening up more opportunities for home-based frozen food businesses.

Factors that affect frozen food business opportunities, among others:

The presence of the frozen food business is very much in line with the all-practical lifestyle. Consumers only need to warm frozen food before serving it. This is much more practical than cooking from raw materials.

Without Preservatives and MSG
Several frozen food products are currently claimed to not contain preservatives and flavor enhancers (MSG). Products without preservatives and flavor enhancers are certainly preferred by parents who want to provide healthy food for their children.

No Loss of Nutrients
Who says frozen food lacks nutrition? Some of these food products even have high nutrition. Frozen food is considered to be able to store vitamins and minerals neatly. This product also does not change the content in it.

Frozen food business opportunities are also present because their products are known to be durable compared to other food products. Although able to survive for some time to come, frozen food is also able to retain the nutrients contained in it.

Maintaining the cleanliness of the process of making and storing frozen food is no longer in doubt. For this reason, culinary entrepreneurs who present frozen food products increase their supervision in terms of cleanliness. So, food can last longer and consumers don’t have to worry about cleanliness.

profitable frozen food business idea opportunity
profitable frozen food business idea opportunity

How to Start a Frozen Food Business in 2022

Make a Commitment

Just like when you are going to start any other business, before starting a frozen food business, you need to instill a strong intention and commitment to developing a business.

If you have a strong commitment from the start, the plan to set up a frozen food business can work even though there are many obstacles ahead.

Get to know the product
The way to start a frozen food business after making sure of your commitment is to identify the product you are going to sell. Frozen food is not just nuggets or sausages. Keep that in mind because it turns out that there are quite a few types of frozen food products on the market.

Here are some types of frozen food that can be used as an option for you to sell:

Ready-to-Cook Food
Frozen food that is ready to be cooked is a food whose presentation is quite simple and can be eaten immediately. You only need to fry, boil, or steam this type of frozen food.

Foods that fall into this category are:

  • Nuggets
  • Sausage
  • Dimsum
  • Meatball
  • Ready-to-eat Food

The type of frozen food ready to eat is a solution for those of you who want to be practical in serving dishes. Ready-to-eat frozen foods allow you to simply warm them up in the microwave or rice cooker.

Usually, this type of food is quite diverse ranging from heavy dishes to light snacks. Usually, this ready-to-eat food is in the form of side dishes to be served with white rice.

Prepared Food
Some people may feel uncomfortable or do not understand if they have to clean raw meat or other types of seafood. This makes ready-to-process frozen food a solution option.

Various foods prepared by this type usually are:

  • Fresh Meat
  • Fresh chicken
  • Fresh fish
  • Frozen Vegetables and Fruits

Frozen food can also be found in the form of vegetables and fruit. Some studies suggest that the content of vitamin C in frozen vegetables and fruit can be much higher. For long storage, frozen vegetables and fruits can last up to 2 months in the freezer.

Choose Unique Frozen Food Products

Novice businessmen who are going to start a frozen food business should need to understand the positioning, differentiation, and branding (GDP) of the products they offer. This means that any product that you want to sell must have its characteristics so that it is not easily followed by competitors.

Define Target Market
Determining the target market and customers is not an easy matter. This requires in-depth observation. Target customers can be obtained online or offline.

Learn Competition
Whatever the form of business, competition will always exist. For starting a frozen food business, of course, you need to be ready for what is called competition. To respond to this competition, you need to be mentally prepared and accept competition as an inseparable part of a business.

Capital is the main thing in starting a frozen food business. Take into account all the requirements in detail to determine the amount of capital needed.

Some things that need to be prepared are:

  • Wholesale frozen food or ingredients to make homemade frozen food
  • Freezer or freezer
  • Airtight packaging
  • Packaging press tool
  • Vacuum packaging tool
  • Promotion fee
  • Operational costs (electricity bills, transportation costs, etc.)

Equipment and materials purchased at the beginning do not need to be a lot. Just adjust it to the amount of capital you have.

Understand the Storage Period of Frozen Food

One of the things you must understand in order how to start a frozen food business is that the storage period for each type of frozen food is different. You need to know the durability of food stored in the freezer.

Here are some storage conditions and the best period for storing various types of frozen food.

Hot dog
Able to survive in closed conditions for 1 week at temperatures below 4°C, and last 1-2 months at -17°C.

Meanwhile, unopened packages will last for 2 weeks at temperatures below 4°C, and 1-2 months at -17°C.

There are various frozen food business ideas that you can try.

Sausage, chicken, and meat
Able to survive in raw conditions for 1-2 days at temperatures below 4°C, and last 1-2 months at -17°C.

Meanwhile, in mature conditions, it will last for 1 week at temperatures below 4°C and 1-2 months at -17°C.

Hamburgers and ground beef
Able to survive for 1-2 days at temperatures below 4°C, and 3-4 months at -17°C.

Able to survive for 3-4 days at temperatures below 4°C, and 1-3 months at -17°C.

Able to survive for 3-4 days at temperatures below 4°C, and 1-2 months at -17°C.

Marketing Method
One of the conventional marketing methods to introduce a home frozen food business that you run is by word of mouth promotion.

In addition, there is one more way that you can do it, namely through online media. The frozen food business is indeed a home business. But that doesn’t mean the marketing is only around the house. You can market your products by placing advertisements on the various social media platforms that you have, such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and also by opening online stores in several marketplaces.

Reseller or Sales Agent
It is very possible at the beginning of starting the frozen food business, you become a reseller and work with several distributors. This allows you to have many kinds of frozen food from different distributors and it’s easier to sell them.

By becoming a reseller of existing products, you no longer need to build a brand from scratch and product development from scratch. However, being a reseller or selling agent for authorized frozen food distributors requires quite a lot of capital at the beginning as part of a partnership compared to trying to process frozen food products at home.

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Frozen Food Business Idea

Starting a frozen food business means being ready to innovate and think creatively so that sales can be a stable number. With so many types of frozen food on the market, you have to be selective in choosing which products are more favored by consumers and can bring benefits.

Some frozen food business ideas that you can try, include:

  • Kebab
  • Filling
  • Dimsum
  • Donuts
  • Nuggets
  • Different types of sausages
  • Meatball tofu
  • Chicken Wings
  • Rosol Mayo
  • Spicing salad

Some of the frozen food business ideas above are included in the type of food that has many fans so that the possibility of decreasing sales figures can be minimized.

With careful consideration, starting from the availability of capital and also the potential for businesses around where you live, you can judge that this frozen food business is quite tempting and has the potential to be big.

In addition, there is convenience in the management process, making product storage easier and ready to be marketed at any time.

Don’t forget to apply for various attractive promo programs so that consumers don’t turn away from your business.

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