Top 10 Ways to Sell Online on Facebook for Beginners

how to sell on facebook for free for beginners

10 Ways to Sell Online on Facebook for free for Beginners

How to sell online on Facebook? Social media can indeed be an efficient place to sell online, especially for novice businessmen. Of the various social media that exist, Facebook can be an option. Because the number of Facebook users worldwide is quite large.

In addition, Facebook also has several features that can make it easier for you to sell, such as Ads and a Marketplace. Even just armed with a personal profile, skippers can already sell on Facebook. If managed properly, even skippers can earn big money from selling online on Facebook!

10 Ways to Sell Online Best Selling on Facebook
This article will discuss how to sell online best-selling on Facebook, starting from the preparation steps for selling until later after the products that you offer are sold out. Come on, just see the full explanation below!

how to sell on facebook for free for beginners
how to sell on Facebook for free for beginners

1. Understand the skipper’s target market
How to sell online best-selling on Facebook begins with determining the target market. What is the target market? When a product is made, there must be an idea of who will use it. For example, instant hijab products at affordable prices aimed at housewives. Well, the “taffeta housewife” here is the target market for the affordable instant hijab.

Preferably, the target market is made as detailed as possible. Back to the previous instant hijab example. Say the product will be sold through Facebook, then the target market can be made more specific to be housewives, active Facebook users, age range 25-40 years, and come from the lower middle class.

2. Get to know competitors
After determining the target market, now find out about your business competitors. Every business must have its rivals, even for innovation though. For your business to run smoothly, you must know your competitors well.

You can start by searching on Facebook. Search for products to sell on Facebook, it will surely appear several related accounts or pages. Observe how they promote to respond to customers. From there, the skipper will know what points can be imitated and improved so that they are not less competitive.

3. Take advantage of the marketplace features
Facebook has a special feature that accommodates online buying and selling, called Marketplace. The social media created by Mark Zuckerberg officially launched Marketplace in 2016 and is still running today. Its users are increasing day by day.

How to sell on Facebook Marketplace is very simple. From the Facebook home page, click the Marketplace menu on the left. To start selling, click the “Sell Items” tab. There, you can directly add items to sell. Facebook also provides columns to add prices, categories, conditions, to item descriptions.

In addition, you can also take advantage of Facebook Ads (Facebook Ads) to increase the reach of buyers so that the chances of your products being sold are even greater.

4. Use sales group
Besides Marketplace, there is another Facebook feature that you can use to sell online, namely the group feature. There are many groups or communities on Facebook. Some specialize in buying and selling transactions. Usually, the group name begins with the words “Buying and Selling Forum” or “Buying and Selling Community”.

How to post sales in a Facebook group is not difficult. You just need to find a group that matches the product. Say you sell baby clothes, then you can enter the forum for buying and selling baby equipment. You can also join certain regional groups that allow members to sell, for example, the East Java culinary group.

5. Post an interesting photo
The next best-selling way of selling online on Facebook is by posting attractive product photos. The key to successful online selling lies in product photos. Because prospective buyers can not try the product directly.

Clear product photos will be very helpful for potential buyers. Always use high-resolution, well-lit photos. As much as possible use real product photos, not the results taken on Google. Real product photos will be much more convincing than internet scribbled images.

6. Include clear product information
This point is still related to how online selling sold on Facebook before. In addition to photos, don’t forget to include clear product information.

Avoid simply “throwing” product images without a description, especially if the product you are selling does have a specific size, such as clothes or shoes. The skipper can indeed explain through private messages to customers, but this method is very inefficient and time-consuming.

7. Interesting status updates
Facebook status can also be an efficient promotion strategy. This best-selling online way of selling on Facebook has even been implemented by big sellers.

Try to create a status that is still in touch with the latest trends. For example, when there is a new film that people are talking about, you can discuss it and link it to the product. You can also share important information.

Posting a status can indeed be a best-selling online selling method on Facebook, especially if you create a status that involves the audience. You can ask their opinion or hold a discussion. That way, consumers can better understand the goods you sell.

8. Always respond to messages from buyers
As much as possible, always respond to messages from buyers. The skipper must be happy if you get good service when shopping, right? So do consumers.

They will find it helpful if they get a good response from the seller. There is even a tendency for buyers to repeat orders if they get good service. It often happens, that customers will not hesitate to recommend products to others when the service they get is satisfactory.

9. Add targeted friends
How to sell online best-selling on Facebook is then related to friendship. As already mentioned, there are a lot of Facebook users in Indonesia. Among hundreds of millions of users, there must be some who can become customers of your online store.

Make a post in the sales group. Then, look at the accounts that responded. They can become potential sales targets because they have shown interest. Add them as friends to make it easier to promote sales.

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10. Share buyer testimonials
What are your considerations when buying goods online? Surely one of them is a trusted seller or shop. Well, the skipper must also apply it. As much as possible, give the impression that your business is trusted.

The most efficient way to increase customer trust is to include testimonials from previous buyers. Show testimonials on your Facebook account regularly. You can also make a special album containing testimonials. To be more convincing, testimonials should be in the form of pictures or videos of the product when it arrives in the hands of the customer.

Of these ten best-selling online sales methods on Facebook, which one has you implemented? Or have not even started selling on Facebook? It’s never too late to try, especially since selling on Facebook does not require admin fees.

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